May 15, 2021

Quilts of Valor

Several local veterans were recognized and awarded a Quilt of Valor April 10 in Prairie City.

Dwight Kennedy: Joined U.S. Army in January 1953, serving two years during Korean War Era at Camp Carson in Colorado and at Fort Sill in Oklahoma as a Battalion Finance Clerk.

Stuart Budding: Joined U.S. Army in August 1971 serving during Vietnam Era in West Germany. He was stationed twice at Fulda Gap. He served in artillery, maintenance and as unit police. Received award for Expert Grenade throwing.

Gordon Jones: Joined U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division in March 1967, serving in Vietnam. He fought in the 1968 TET Offensive and also enlisted and served with 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg, N.C. and attained 28 jumps with both divisions. Gordon received many awards including two Purple Hearts.

Gene Vande Lune: Joined U.S. Army Infantry in September 1952, serving two years stationed at a number of places South of the 38th Parallel in South Korea. He maintained repair parts for vehicles within command of the 65th Division. Gene says if he was 70 years younger he would serve his country again. He has been married for 67 years.

Marvin Pulver: Joined U.S. Air Force in 1950 serving two years active duty during Korean War Era at Selfridge Air Force Base near Mount Clemens, Mich. Marvin was also stationed at Billy Mitchell Field in Milwaukee, Wis., as mechanic in flight.

Jason Grimm: Joined U.S. Navy in November 1998 and served six years as nuclear trained electrician’s mate on the USS Abraham Lincoln. He deployed when the second Gulf War began when Operation Shock and Awe was, in part, carried out from the deck of the USS Lincoln in the Persian Gulf. He continued support operations during the war.

The Quilt of Valor Foundation website can be reached at People can access the website to complete a form to nominate a veteran for a quilt of Valor to be awarded anywhere in the United States. To be eligible for a quilt a veteran must be in good standing with the military and or have been honorably discharged.