June 19, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Let’s deport

Letter to the Editor

Congresswoman Ashley Hinson has announced her number one priority to be stopping illegal immigration from the southern border and to deporting millions of illegal aliens. We need to applaud this stance. Deporting millions of illegal people is much more important than health care, jobs, global warming, World War III, the economy, etc.

I must say though, that the congresswoman has left too much unsaid. Unfortunately, we have other manners of entrance. The border between Canada and the United States is 5,525 miles. We have 7,623 miles of Pacific coast, 2,069 miles of Atlantic coast, 770 miles Gulf coast and a coast in the Arctic. On top of that, we have things called airplanes landing everywhere all the time from foreign parts. We need to think globally here, not just the southern border.

And secondly, it would seem we will need a method to accomplish this. I suggest we reintroduce the tried and true method of deportation — railroad cars. This really worked in Germany and we need to study the methods used. I’m sure there is a biography of Eichmann available somewhere that will give us some ideas. Logistics, unfortunately, has either been ignored or simply omitted by Congresswoman Hinton in her pronouncement of legislative priorities. There really doesn’t seem to be any other viable method of deporting millions of people except by railroad cars.

If we are going to use trains, we will need detention camps — holding pens — for all these millions. Various localities, presumably, will vie for locating nearby. These holding pens would offer the same employment opportunities as do our local prisons. Good for the local economy and the logistical efforts will be significant. I’m assuming the federal government would have the help of the states that have been passing these laws making it a crime to be illegal. Surely we can get some federal-state cooperation in this effort. Iowa has passed such a law so I would think they would be in a frame of mind to help out.

Lastly we will need a destination for these millions. There is the Chihuahuan Desert south of Texas and New Mexico and there is the Sonoran Desert south of Arizona and California. These would be really good spots to dump all these millions of people and if the Mexican government would not be willing to cooperate, we could easily contract with the cartels for their services. They’ll do most anything for an American dollar.

As a final note, if you, the readers, have other solutions please share them. Any methods suggested, I would think, could be useful.

Richard E. H. Phelps II