May 21, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Letters to the editor are opinions of each individual

I am writing in response to a recent editorial regarding sheriff candidate Tracy Cross.

I know Tracy Cross, but not as a friend. I know him because he spoke at a meeting I attended a few years ago. It was totally unrelated to his public service but about his beliefs. He would know me only by my last name as we both lived in Baxter at one time.

I am responding to the editorial because I was bothered by the personal nature and tone of the piece. I feel it was unfairly and perhaps irresponsibly published. I believe in the right of free speech. And this read like a “personal vendetta.”

We have no idea if this person’s opinion of Tracy is valid. We don’t have any real facts. Perhaps, Tracy knows the details that would enlighten us but he is bound by HIPPA, the privacy act. So this person can say whatever they choose, be it fact or fiction. Tracy can’t counter it.

Don’t allow one editorial to sway your vote. Tracy very well may be the finest candidate. I don’t know. But he apparently has a heart to serve our communities. Not an easy job for either candidate. But he is willing to step up to the plate. And that says a lot.

Lonnie Deutsch