December 04, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Iowa is primed for tech-driven growth

To grow our economy, we need to infuse more capital and create jobs with lasting economic benefits. Tech offers a way for us to do both.

When tech companies invest in our state to build new offices and data centers, they hire Iowans to do the job. The money these companies spend flows into our economy, but even more important are the jobs themselves. Iowans can gain access to new skills and career paths through this work, and many are already applying what they’ve learned to their own startups and tech ventures.

These jobs also offer better pay, and that money stays in our economy as it’s spent on local businesses. We have more than 270,000 small businesses in Iowa, and tech-driven growth has been a huge boon amid rising labor costs and the constant encroachment of Biden’s regulators into our free markets.

The more we’re able to invest in and support our tech industry, the bigger the gains we’ll realize for Iowa. With time, we can lead the nation in economic prosperity—and that starts with supporting a strong tech industry.

Thad Nearmyer, Chair, Jasper County GOP