December 01, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Lawmakers should continue to support patients through price transparency

As Chair of the Jasper County Republican Party, I am committed to ensuring the government operates in a way that is most effective for Iowans — especially when it comes to healthcare. Lawmakers have worked hard to ensure that patients can be properly taken care of, especially in the price transparency space.

Work done by members of Congress, which has been enacted by hospitals and healthcare institutions, has resulted in more transparency than ever before. Patients have the cost information they need right at their fingertips. But without proper enforcement from the Biden Administration, these protections cannot continue to serve patients.

Patients in Jasper County and across our state deserve clarity surrounding just how much they are paying for their hospital stays, and current legislation is allowing them to have choice surrounding the care that’s right for them and their budget. Lawmakers, including Rep. Miller Meeks, should do what they can to enforce existing policies and empower patients about their healthcare and encourage the Biden Administration to do the same.

Thad Nearmyer