September 22, 2021

Contribute to new PC library, with money or time

Every time I step into the Prairie City Public Library it brings a smile to my face. It could be due to the thought of so many adventures in the variety of books waiting to be read, the excitement I see in the faces of the other library patrons, the welcoming greeting I get from whoever is working at the library or just the fact that I love spending time there. At our public library in Prairie City, they offer toddler storybook time, book clubs, computers, knitting clubs, children STEAM and adult activity check out packets, various programs on topics for all ages, movie showings, read with a dog, coffee with the mayor and so many more things that most in our community don’t even realize are available to them. The library’s plans for the new space will allow them to offer all of this and so much more once they have more room within the library. To me, this is one of the biggest reasons why this project is so important.

In the 2019 fiscal year, the Prairie City Public Library hosted more than 130 programs with more than 939 people attending them. I remember going to a few adult programs at the library where every seat was full and there were several individuals left standing because there simply was not enough room for everybody that wanted to listen to the program. I’ve seen movie showings and kids’ activities where they had to limit the number of kids they could let participate because they simply did not have enough space to let all the kids participate that wanted to. The shelves in the library are jammed pack full of books with books also on top of the bookcases simply because they do not have enough room for all of the books that they want to be able to provide to the patrons of the library. The plans for the new library would help to find a solution for all of these problems the current library space is facing.

The new proposed library space would include a larger children’s book section, a youth section, a larger general adult section, a periodical reading area, two study rooms, a technology area with computers available for the public’s use and also a large activities community room that can be used for both activities put on by the library and the general public. If you have yet to check out the new layout for the new library project, I highly recommend that you either stop by the Prairie City Public Library and do so or call them and ask them to mail you a brochure that offers not only the layout but important information regarding this project.

Unfortunately, projects like this do not happen for free and a commitment from both the city and its supporters are required for this to be a success. Right now, we are approximately halfway to our first goal in which we will receive the city’s matching funds. At that point, we will be able to apply for some of the larger grants because we will have over half of the total required for the project. Some of the ways we have worked to raise money include sending out brochures to everybody in the Prairie City zip code, collecting cans and bottles, book sales, and hosting a free-will breakfast. I am asking anybody who is reading this that is interested in helping our library to reach out and make a donation either in your time or monetary. We are always looking for individuals to join our Friends of the Prairie City Public Library group and to help with the fundraising events.

Emily Simmons

President of the Friends of the Prairie City Public Library Group