September 22, 2021

Too little, too late

The apology from Supervisor Talsma is too little, too late. Each supervisor should be apologizing profusely.

They made decisions that belittled, dismissed the local voter, starting with their amendment of a public agenda at the meeting rather than giving the required notice to purchase the building. Add in the decision to send out the mailer in the middle of February for an election the first week in March. Anybody who sent or received holiday cards in December was aware of difficulties in post office deliveries. It’s the middle of a pandemic and we lost far too many family and friends.

We expect transparency and responsibility in our elected officials. It is the responsible thing to do to let voters know that there will be an election in time for voters to request and receive an absentee ballot. To send a notice only two days before the deadline to request an absentee ballot smacks of voter suppression.

The Iowa legislature just made it more difficult for people to vote, especially the non-able bodied. It looks like the Board of Supervisors is getting a head start.

We elected the current board of supervisors to represent us. We didn’t elect them to run over us.

Eric Lindberg