January 27, 2021

The voice of each citizen matters

In times of darkness, fear and adversity, it has been the spirit of Democracy that has proved the bedrock of this nation. The events of the last few days have been orchestrated by those seeking to test the resolve of The Great Experiment that is our Republic. A Republic, if we can keep it, requires that we expend every effort to ensure the representation of our citizens.

Iowa’s Second District race is the closest House race in Iowa within the last 100 years. The foundation of Iowa’s voter representation is that every legally cast ballot be counted. It has been discovered that 22 legally cast ballots were not counted; this includes ballots for Rita Hart and Mariennete Miller-Meeks. Significantly, counting all 22 of these remaining ballots would alter the outcome of the race. The Democratic process should not be halted when it conveniences one candidate over the other; the outcome should reflect the true total.

The thin thread of Democracy requires equal application of the lawful right to vote and be represented. These 22 ballots must be counted.

Bri Dennison