June 20, 2021

Breckenridge strives to meet our concerns

Many of us are, frankly, tired of all this divisiveness in our society’s discourse.  We don’t want to be viewed as a member of one tribe, while constantly disparaging another. Realistically, based upon the last presidential election, only about one half of the people of this country even bother to vote, so that leaves the tribes pretty evenly split at of the voting population each.  That is not helpful to have an election reflective of our whole country and its citizens’ needs.

We complain bitterly that we want our legislators to work together to get something done.  Yet, until we get “the log out of our own eye,” we will be stuck with many legislators who can’t be any better, because we aren’t any better, and they are the mirror to us.

Where can we look for some role models who are willing to reach across the aisle on our behalf to do “the people’s’ work?”

In Jasper County we have a representative at the statehouse, Wes Breckenridge, who strives to meet our concerns, whether we live in town or on the farm.

We happen to live on the farm and because we work with a beginning farmer, we are aware of the work Rep.Breckenridge did in helping pass the beginning farmers’ tax credit.  This type of tax credit is aimed at helping young farmers to start farming in a state where most of us are around 65 years old and nearing retirement. This is a very helpful tax credit, unlike what we hear about with big corporate interests.

Rep. Breckenridge also voted to open new markets for Iowa farmers by allowing Iowans to grow industrial hemp. We all know how vulnerable we are by growing only two main crops.  We need diversification of crops. Our soils need diversification for restoration of nutrients. The quality of the products we produce is driven by the health of the soil in which we put those seeds. As a consumer of CBD oil, rather than pain pills, for my arthritic knees, I am a big supporter of hemp products.

Not only does Rep.Breckenridge lookout for our rural farming communities by supporting efforts to make us safer, but he also wants this for all Jasper County residents. He often supports legislative efforts that center on education, training and licensure as basic tools for our safety.

A fair question to ask before casting our ballot, is “will this person really work for people like me” or will it be tribal politics at its worse? We, the voters, have to make these decisions. Rep. Wes Breckenridge reflects the best in all of us. Let’s keep him working for us.

Beverly Clark Floss