May 12, 2021

A message to our readers

Dear readers,

Our staff at Newton News/PCM Explorer/Jasper County Tribune are working diligently to cover the damages of this storm. However, our offices and servers are currently without power. This makes uploading photos and stories impossible. Cellular data is also pretty spotty for some reporters, who say they’ve had difficulties holding a stable connection on social media applications.

It’s important to know that even though we are covering this disaster, we are living it and trying to recover from it just as much as you are. After we’ve interviewed our Jasper County residents and taken pictures of the debris and cleanup efforts, we are going back to our own homes to assess the damages and keep our families safe.

We thank you for your patience during this time. Per the Jasper County Facebook page, please visit to submit iformation to assist with FEMA reporting if your house or structures have been damaged in the Aug. 10 storm.

More information will be shared as we acquire more stable connections.

-The newsroom