July 12, 2024

Prairie City Police Department

March 2019 Monthly Report

In March, the Prairie City Police Department responded to 411 calls for service.

There were 23 calls for citizen contact including five for harassment and two for civil matters. The PCPD had 138 call for business contact with the majority at 113 going to security checks. Government contact came in at 116 with 75 completing security checks and seven EMS assists. Officers were also called to the school seven times for assistance, assisted the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office once, the Monroe Police Department four times and the Colfax Police Department on five occasions.

Ten investigations were completed with five for driving under suspension. The department responded to one disturbance filed as a domestic disturbance. Four motorist assists were done with one for a dangerous driver, one for a disabled vehicle and two for objects in the road. Three traffic accidents were identified with two reportable to the department.

“Last month, I submitted a grant through the Jasper Community Foundation Grant for body cameras for the police department,” Prairie City Police Chief Joe Bartello said. “I have received notice from one of the Walmart grant applications that I have been approved for $500 in funding. It is my intention to use these funds for matching funds for the Jasper Community Foundation Grant if it’s awarded, otherwise it will be used for equipment.”

Bartello said he, along with Sgt. German attended the annual Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau conference in Iowa City. At the conference, they received training and updates on laws and trends, as well as take in vendor services and network with officials from throughout the state.

In April, Bartello said he participated in a countywide rescue task force exercise in Sully. At the exercise, two active shooter scenarios were conducted along with emergency services response.

“It was great training that was focused on updated techniques for victim care,” Bartello said. “There was a great group of responders and volunteers who all made the exercise very valuable training.”

The Reserve Officer Program for the city has been put on hold for further evaluation, Bartello said. With several changes within the reserve program staff, Bartello said he is evaluating it for future participation and will look to potentially bring on new reserves in the fall.