July 12, 2024

Pella woman allegedly steals $113K from Newton victim in dependent abuse case

A Pella woman has been charged with financial exploitation and dependent adult abuse of a Newton resident, after a federal Financial Crimes Enforcement Network tip notified local police of more than $113,799 in potentially misappropriated money.

According to the Newton Police Department, 36-year-old Christan D. Maddison allegedly used the funds to purchase $15,500 in plastic surgery, as well as pay her own utility bills, tattoos, rent, car and credit card payments and fast food after she became the elderly victim’s power of attorney in February of 2017. Authorities were first alerted to the abuse reports in April.

Investigators claim the abuse happened while the victim was in a nursing home and unable to manage her own financial accounts. A reported $194,533 in annuities, investments and social security payments over the 14 months Maddison was POA for the victim were deposited into an account managed by Maddison. Police said $80,756 did go to the victim’s care during that time period, leaving the $113,779 in missing money.

Maddison was charged July 1, and released pending her scheduled court appearance at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 14.

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