April 22, 2024

When will I learn?

As I was brushing my teeth this morning, I scolded myself for trying to save a few bucks by replacing my “name brand” battery-operated toothbrush with a less expensive one.

I had struggled with the high-tech cleaning device when I made my first power toothbrush purchase several years ago. Without fail, I had to clean the mirror above my bathroom sink every time I brushed my teeth — it took me a while to get my “technique” in check. But once I finally figured it all out, I was sold on the thing.

The last time I replaced my toothbrush, I went with a less expensive one. Standing in the store, I picked up the lower-cost toothbrush, powered it on and it seemed to function just like the pricier ones. So in my cart it went.

But once I got home, apparently the weight of the toothpaste was just too much for it and by the time I started brushing my teeth, I instantly knew why it was cheaper. It had no “umph.”

Lesson learned. I should have spent the extra few dollars.

It got me to thinking about my spending habits.

Clothing? Shoes? Those things really don’t matter to me. I would rather be comfortable that fashionable.

Hair styles? Get real. I’ve never seen a haircut worth the equivalent of an eight-hour day’s pay.

Restaurants? I can walk away just as satisfied with my meal at a mom and pop cafe with a view of the gravel drive as I can at an steakhouse with a view of the cityscape.

Automobiles? I’ve driven many a vehicle to the brink of death. They’ve never been fancy and frankly, it hasn’t bothered me in the least. However, I currently drive a car — although still nothing fancy — that sports a heated steering wheel and seats and those are two features of which I’ve become very fond. I will also admit to being quite attached to the Sirius radio in my vehicle. To think, I once scoffed at people who would pay to listen to radio.

So what exactly do I spend my money on?

Well, the short list includes replenishing the squeaky toys for my dogs on a monthly basis, real butter, treehouses and you can be sure a pricey battery-powered toothbrush is now on there as well.

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Dana King

Dana King

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