February 04, 2023

Daylight Saving: A perfect time to switch to LED light bulbs

With daylight saving time just around the corner on Sunday, there’s no better time for consumers to make the switch to LED light bulbs.

During the winter months, there’s less daylight, so our lights are on longer, said Tina Yoder, MidAmerican Energy director of energy efficiency. By switching to LED bulbs, which are generally more energy efficient and last longer than incandescent ones, customers can save energy and money while still keeping their winter days bright. But, it’s important to note that not all LEDs are created equal.

Yoder said there are many different models of LEDs on the market, so when purchasing LEDs, consumers should look for two things to ensure they’re getting the highest quality bulb: the Energy Star label and the Be Bright image. Low-quality, non-Energy Star bulbs may be cheaper at the register but more expensive in the long run due to poor light quality and a shorter life span. Consumers don’t have to sacrifice a reasonable price for high-quality bulbs. The Be Bright program provides Energy Star certified bulbs at a discounted price. The Be Bright label indicates that a discount is already included in the price tag.

Energy Star guarantees energy savings, quality and long life

The blue Energy Star logo is an easy way to identify that a bulb meets the following performance standards:

• Exceptional energy efficiency uses at least 80 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb and won’t use energy when the bulb is turned off

• Longer life delivers a minimum three-year warranty and lasts up to 25 times longer than an incandescent

• Excellent color quality and light output

• Verified compliance with more than 20 industry standards and procedures

• Rigorous, independent third-party testing and real-world stress testing

• UL-listed for fire safety must meet stringent Underwriters Laboratories safety standards similar to those for fire and CO2 detectors

Be Bright Program: Get ENERGY STAR quality at a low price

Be Bright is a lighting buy-down program for Iowa consumers sponsored by MidAmerican Energy Company. Consumers should look for the Be Bright logo at their participating local lighting retailer to know they're getting high-quality Energy Star bulbs at a special low price. There are no rebates or paperwork hassles; the in-store price includes a substantial discount. To learn more about the Be Bright program, or to find a participating retailer, visit www.iowabebright.com.