April 22, 2024

Colfax Fire Dept. educates youth

This year the Colfax Fire Department is working to provide education and training to all the citizens of Colfax.

Colfax is kicking off Fire Prevention week Oct. 2 with a trip to the elementary school. Third grade students will receive fire prevention education and take part in the smoke house.  The smoke house is a simulation of a home filled with smoke it stresses the importance of getting out by crawling under smoke getting out and staying out and calling for help.

Saturday the Colfax Fire Department will host an open house at the fire station. Anyone who attends the open house will have opportunities to tour the station and apparatus, sign up for the emergency alert system, receive hands on training with fire extinguishers, simulations and hands on experiences with the porta-tank, fire hose and nozzle, turnout gear and air packs.

The smoke house will be present for participation by anyone in the community. Children will also be able to participate in the stop, drop and roll presentation and crawl under smoke presentations.

Every day during the week our friends from kindergarten, preschool and our home schooled classes will visit the fire station to tour and be educated about fire safety.

Tuesday, the Emergency Alert System will trip, advising everyone to practice their fire escape plan while Colfax Fire Department members will sound sirens and drive the streets reminding everyone practicing these drills matters most when seconds matter and loved ones are at risk.

Wednesday, the fire department will pay a visit to C-M High School educating about fire safety and providing a little information about careers in the fire service.

The fire fighters would love to visit you at your Colfax business to assess fire safety and readiness. Fire fighters hope to visit to the Senior Citizens Center during the week.

Fire fighters are eager to come to your home to assist you with checking your smoke detectors, changing batteries and developing an escape plan. If you need assistance you can contact any Colfax fire fighter or call Wendy at 515-867-1937 .

The Colfax Fire Department is excited to share these safety week opportunities with our community.

Remember being prepared in the time of crisis will maximize your chance of surviving the Fire. We Look forward to spending the week with you.