May 15, 2021

Wartburg College among the ‘Best in the Midwest’


WAVERLY — Wartburg College has been named a 2011 “Best in the Midwest” college by the Princeton Review.

Wartburg is among 152 colleges and universities — one quarter of the schools in the 12-state region — to receive the honor from the Framingham, Mass.-based educational services company (not associated with Princeton University). The Midwestern region extends from Ohio to the Dakotas and south from the Canadian border to Missouri and Kansas.

The rankings are based on data from the schools, Princeton staff assessments, input from college counselors and advisers and an 80-question student survey with queries ranging from the quality and accessibility of professors to campus food.

The Princeton Review cites Wartburg’s “great reputation” in the hard sciences and a strong music program, noting “studying abroad is easy and popular, especially during Wartburg’s unique one-month May term.”

Students commented that “the academic experience — especially as access to essential equipment and professors go — is phenomenal” and that professors “know you by your first name and will notice if you skip class.”

School profiles, available at, also rank various aspects of the college experience from 60 to 99, including academics, admissions, financial aid and quality of life.

For more information, contact Saul Shapiro, Wartburg College director of communication and marketing, (319) 352-8379 or (319) 269-4283 or e-mail at