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Read thank you teacher letters from students to local area teachers

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Teacher: Marlene Huggins-I nominate this teacher because she is so hard working and her efforts have paid off for me and my classmates academic growth. I thank her for her positive energy and the environment she has in her room. I also thank her for how she treats me and my classmates the same way and helps us if we do not understand things.-Heath Anderson, Newton

Teacher: Samantha Gilbert-Thank you for being such a great teacher. I’m so glad that my kids have had the honor to be in your class you are so kind, patient, and helpful!-Parker Smith, Newton

Teacher: Marlene Huggins-Thank you for being the best teacher and these are some reasons why you are the best teacher. You help people when they need help. And I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. You aren’t my teacher you are my friend. I will always be grateful to you and support your kindness,.I enjoy having you as a teacher.Thank you I really enjoy your company and your teaching. And without you I don’t know where I would be right now.-Gabriela Baxin, Newton

Teacher: Kathy Birggs-You helped me on your own time and it helped me a lot so thank you.-Benjamin Magana, Newton

Teacher: Ryan Comer-Thank you for always making a positive impact on all your students! You truly care about each one of them and you’re always there for us! You truly want to see us succeed and you’re always supporting us and encouraging us! You’re an amazing teacher!-Brooklyn Rogers, Newton

Teacher: Seth Banwell-Thank you for all of the efforts you’ve made in my growth in my younger years. You were not only my teacher, but a guide and a friend that I look up to and respect. I am who I am today because of you. Thank you, Mr. Banwell for everything you’ve done for me and my siblings.-Chloe Butler, Newton

Teacher: Ryan Comer-I wanted to say thank you to Mr. Comer because he has helped me through a lot and we have had so many good times together and he just knows how to make anyones day better and help you through a rough time.-Gracie Cain, Newton

Teacher: Sarah Patterson-Thank you Sarah Patterson for being such an amazing English teacher! You really helped me improve my writing skills throughout high school to prepare me for college! You were also such a kind and caring teacher! Thanks for all you do!-Erica Van Wyk, Newton

Teacher: Sarah Patterson-Thank you for always believing in me when no one even myself didn’t, thank you for teaching me new life skills everyday, thank you for being the BEST SWIM COACH EVER, and most of all thank you for being my friend! Definitely miss you Coach P.-Harley Neal, Newton

Teacher: Kara Avis-Thank you Mrs. Avis for being an excellent teacher to all of your kindergarten students. You have such a caring heart and truly do a wonderful job. Olivia adores you and wishes you would teach first grade next year!-Olivia Welch, Newton

Teachers: Mrs. Babcock, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Frehse, Mrs. Lureman, and Mrs. Verwers-I can’t pick my favorite teacher because they were all my favorite. They were all nice to me and always encouraged me. I’ll miss TJ when I have to go to Berg next year, but I’m excited to see Mrs. Frehse again!-Jack Zink, Newton

Teacher: Marlene Huggins-Ms.Huggins is a heart filling teacher most say they don’t like her because she has rules but I am in one of her best classes as she says. Ms. Huggins is always trying to help you even on tests she gives us hints to help us to make sure we get good scores and grades. I especially love her because she lets us play games on Fridays. I love Ms.Huggins for all that she does!-Lexi Bruns, Newton

Teacher: Ryan Comer-Thank you for always being their for me and i hope you have a good rest of the school year.-Izzabella Cain, Newton

Teacher: Sara VanManen-Thank you for getting us in touch with the appropriate resources to best help our “twice-exceptional” daughter. Your guidance and support has been so helpful in our journey.-Sidney Stiles, Newton

Teacher: Emilee Brisel-Thank you Mrs. Brisel for always being so much fun and letting us practice our spelling words with writing on the table! Thanks for always helping us and always making us laugh, like with a flood drill! You are the BEST!-Mia Bell, Newton

Teacher: Kathy Ventling/Briggs-Thank you for being a light in my life at a time you didn’t know I needed. You’re the best.-Kori Carter, Newton

Teacher: Marlene Huggins-Thanks for everything you have done in the past months To help me grow to be a better person and push me to work harder and to complete tests by sending me back to keep trying to fix them. Thank you-Kaia Magana, Newton

Teacher: Tami Foubert-Our daughter was struggling before you came in to the classroom. Thank you for taking the time to understand her and for always communicating. You see her potential as much as we do and that makes a huge difference! You have a great heart and I admire you.Thank you for being you!-Kohdie Potter, Newton

Teacher: Seth Banwell-I’m in 5th and have Mr. Banwell for band. I first met him when he was my bus driver. He was awesome! I then had him for summer lessons for band. It was my first year playing the clarinet. I was nervous but that all went away when I got to hang out with him and he made it fun. He is a lot of fun and he cares for his students! I love playing the clarinet and look forward to seeing him for my school lessons. Mr. Banwell is also a rockstar on the piano! I have a keyboard and hope to be as good as him one day! Thanks for making music fun Mr. Banwell! You mean a lot to me!!-Remington Storm, Newton

Teacher: Melissa Sommars-I’m in 3rd grade. My favorite is Mrs. Sommars! She always smiles and says hi when she sees me. I had her for 2nd grade and she is the best around! She was also my brothers 2nd grade teacher. Newton would be lost without her! She made everyday special and not boring! I wish I could have her for every grade. She is very hardworking!-Brooke Storm, Newton

Teacher: Jodi Morgan Peters-Thank you Mrs. M-P! I loved having you as a teacher and that you would go out of your way to help kids when they needed it. I also appreciate that you sponsor the Empower Tanzania club.-Sarah Templeman, Newton

Teacher: Krysten Osby-Thank you for creating my love of reading and passion for helping others!-Allison Ulrey, Newton