July 24, 2024

Celebrating the Holidays in Assisted Living: A Season of Joy and Adaptation

Newton Village - Celebrating the Holidays in Assisted Living: A Season of Joy and Adaptation

Blessings to all this holiday season! Here are some ways in which traditions of this festive season can be adapted and enhanced to ensure joy and comfort for residents in assisted living and their families.

  • Modify Traditions as Needed: It’s important to recognize that attending large family gatherings might be overwhelming. Consider shortening your visit to include only a part of the festivities. This adaptation ensures participation without the strain of long, exhausting events.
  • Celebrate Within the Community: Many assisted living communities host special holiday events for residents and their families. Check if your community offers such events, which can be a wonderful way to celebrate without the stress of travel and logistics.
  • Honor Lost Loved Ones: The holidays can often remind us of those who are no longer with us. Find meaningful ways to include the memories of departed loved ones in your celebrations, perhaps through special decorations, photos, or shared stories.
  • Spread Out the Celebrations: Remember that the holiday season spans several weeks. There’s no need to pack all visits and activities into one or two days. Spreading out celebrations can reduce stress and make the season more enjoyable.
  • Personalize Your Space: Decorate your assisted living apartment with a wreath on your door, a tree, or other holiday decor, and display cards that you receive. This creates a festive and familiar atmosphere, making the space feel cheerful and inviting during the holiday season.
  • Virtual Connections: For family members who can’t visit in person, consider setting up video calls. This way, you can still be a part of family celebrations and keep the holiday spirit alive, despite the distance.

By embracing these adjustments, assisted living residents and their families can enjoy a festive and memorable holiday season, filled with warmth, love, and cherished traditions, albeit in new and adapted forms.

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