August 15, 2022

Holiday Reminiscing is Special at Newton Village

One of the best parts of the holiday season is reliving and enjoying memories that have accrued over the years. At Newton Village, residents, staff, and guests look forward to sharing new holiday experiences along with memories of holidays past.

As the baby boomer generation enters their golden years, it can be fun to reminisce about the days of yore traditions and lovingly tied families and friends together.

“The holiday season is very special here at Newton Village,” said Executive Director Angela Adam. “Our staff, residents, and guests love to reminisce about traditions that may not be as prevalent anymore. Traditions such as preparing a Christmas goose for the big holiday meal, putting oranges in stockings, roasting chestnuts, and caroling may be shared. Many people used to cut down their own Christmas tree too. Homemade gifts were cherished, and sometimes natural, often edible, decorations were used to dress the tree and garlands.”

Reminiscing is actually a wonderful type of therapy that can improve a person’s psychological well-being. Sharing memories helps preserve family histories, and can improve communication skills and enhance self-esteem. Reminiscing helps us reflect on past achievements and re-appreciate what we’ve experienced throughout our lives. Even physical health can be improved, as reminiscing can help lower blood pressure and heart rate while reducing stress.

The resident community at Newton Village is a special one; the shared on-site activities, along with the chaperoned off-site excursions, allow residents of all ages to get to know one another and develop friendships. “There is a lot of reminiscing at Newton Village,” added Adam. “We invite our readers to join us as we relive memories through storytelling and as we enjoy old traditions while making new ones.”

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