May 15, 2021

3 Ways Newton Village is Continuing to Keep Residents Safe From Covid-19

After initially taking appropriate measures to keep residents safe at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the staff at Newton Village has continued to incorporate health and safety protocols that have resulted in no loss of life in the Health Center or Assisted Living at their beloved community. Now that a vaccine is available and is being distributed as quickly as possible, Newton Village is thankful to have nearly all residents and staff members fully vaccinated and protected against this dreadful disease. Here are 3 ways Newton Village residents are still being kept safe from Covid-19:

1. Certain professional staff members have been designated as part of Newton Village’s Covid Team. “This special team meets periodically to discuss what steps need to be taken to continue to keep our residents safe,” said Angela Adam, MHA, LNHA, Executive Director and Administrator for Newton Village. “Our focus now is to determine which steps will allow us to safely re-open our community. One very exciting step that will occur soon is implementation of our warm visitation area that utilizes a private entrance. This space has been designed to minimize the risk of germs being spread after visitors are screened in to see their loved one.”

2. Two vaccination clinics have been held and were very successful, with high levels of participation.

3. Residents and staff are still asked to wear masks in the common areas within the community, and to continue to sanitize frequently and use social distancing strategies. “Although our governor has lessened mandatory restrictions, we’re asking everyone to continue to be diligent,” said Adam. “The CDC hasn’t lessened mandatory restrictions for health centers yet, since the risk of vaccinated individuals spreading the virus hasn’t yet been determined.”

Looking ahead into March and April, Adam predicts that visits and congregate meals will resume in a scheduled, directed, and safe manner. For more information, please contact:

Newton Village

110 N. 5th Avenue W

Newton, Iowa 50208