December 04, 2023

PCM School Board Election Candidates 2023

Jeremy St Peter — District 5

Election Day is Nov. 7.

Name: Jeremy St Peter

Age: 41

Occupation: Technical Applications and Sales, ISCAR Metals

1. Please introduce yourself and explain why you are running for school board.

I am a lifelong member of the Monroe community and am heavily involved in community events and organizations. I am married with two boys ages 4 & 7.For the past 10 years I have been and continue to be an active member ofthe Monroe Fire Department as a FF/EMT.

I am running for school board because I recognize the importance of high quality schools having two children of my own in the school system. I will represent the interests of the students, families, and all staff of PCM. I believe the board members need to maintain open dialogue with the families and staff of this district. I will make the most informed decisions by researching and ensuring I know all the facts and have received input from all areas.

2. What’s the best quality of PCM schools? What can the district improve on?

The best quality of PCM schools is its people. The families and staff at PCM are second to none and involvement of the families and community is something not seen in every district.

The district can always improve by listening to the families and staff of PCM. As your school board representative I will ensure your voices are heard and considered in every decision that is made. The number one priority is always the students but I also represent the families in this community.

3. What challenges do you see in public schools and how to you propose to address them?

With the speed at which information is passed on these days it has never been more important to remain transparent and ensure open lines of communication are maintained between the public schools and the families and staff of PCM.

4. Where would you like to see PCM grow?

I would like PCM to grow in a fiscally responsible manner while ensuring our school system continues to provide a world class education to our children. The focus needs to be on the children of our district and what is best for PCM, not keeping up with the district down the road.

5. What is a parent’s role in the educational system?

Parents trust PCM with their children and in turn should be listened to and treated with respect. I believe parents should be communicated to and involved in every step of the way in their child’s education.

6. What other school issues are you most passionate about?

I want PCM to provide the best education around to all students. It is important for PCM to maintain an environment that attracts and retains its quality teachers.