September 27, 2022

Prairie Days race results

Results from the kid races, pie eating contest, frog jump and egg toss at Prairie Days have been announced.

Foot Race by age group

Under 5 Girls: first place, Aubree Mastin; second place, Braelynn VanDorin; third place, Ensley Donahoo

Under 5 Boys: first place, Casey Burns; second place, Owen Seiberling; third place, Zeb Wilson

6-8 Girls: first place, Addison DeVries; second place, Brooklyn DeVries; third place, Blakley Graber

6-8 Boys: first place, Brysen Fridley; second place, Jameson Maher

9-12 Girls: first place, Darbey DeRaad; second place, Sayla Graber; third place, Katie DeVries

9-12 Boys: first place, Cooper Burns; second place, Rylin Fridley; third place, Owen Owserhouse

13-16 Girls: no participants.

13-16 Boys: first place, Layton McClure; second place, Matthew Wing

Over 16 girls: first place, Kat McClure; second place, Kayla Brouwer

Over 16 boys: no participants

Slow Bicycle Race

First Group: first place, Brody Witte; second place, Jameson Maher; third place, McCoy Martin

Second Group: first place, Colby Vriezelaar; second place, Mazie Martin; third place, Jace Grier

Egg Toss

First place: Jaiden Fairbanks with partner Jillian Fairbanks; second place: Darby DeRaad with partner Layton McClure

Frog Jump

Group 1: first place: Wyatt Nolin; second place: Mac Martin; third place: Aubree Mastin

Group 2: first place, Mazie Martin; second place, Brody Witte; third place, Hendrick Brannon

Group 2: first place, Eli McGill

Pie Eating Contest:

Age Divisions

18+: first place, David Brannen

12-17: Landon Isaccsen

6-11: Kaedence Kain