October 26, 2021

Get a ‘Boost’

The Blended Boost offers tasty and healthy smoothie options and more

For the past few months, people in the greater Prairie City-Monroe area have been getting a “boost” to their day. The Blended Boost, started by sisters-in-law Beth and Ashley Van Ryswyk, is offering tasty and healthy options that are great for on the go.

“Both of us enjoy making grab-and-go smoothies for a healthy, convenient option,” the women said. “One night we had the idea that we could each make extra and swap and then the idea kept rolling that we could make extra for others who may enjoy them, as well.”

Featuring smoothies and acai bowls in flavors including Goodness Grapecious, Don’t Kale My Vibe, Berry Me in Goodness, A Dream Come Blue, Pink Happy Thoughts and I’m Peelin Nutty along with monthly specials such as One in a Melon and U.S. of yAy, the creative concoctions boast not only yummy flavors but good-for-you fruits and vegetables, too. Whether it is grapes, blueberries, bananas and blackberries blended into the perfect purple smoothie or aronia berries, strawberries, yogurt and fun toppings like granola or coconut flakes on the acai bowls, there is a Blended Boost for everyone.

“We knew right away we loved the idea of having different colored smoothies and then we researched ideas of flavors that pair well together that had a variety of nutrients so we had different options,” the Van Ryswyks said.

When they started, the duo enlisted the help of family members and churned out their orders in one day. It didn’t take long for word to get around and their freezer space to fill up for them to move on to the next plan.

“Soon we realized we didn’t have the freezer space for doing them all at once (and order numbers were increasing)! That’s when we split into an SEP area and PCM area delivery so we could break up the amount of orders,” they said.

As with any business, they have learned a lot along the way. Deciding how long to keep order forms open for the month, a delivery schedule to get the product out in a timely manner and a prep time line for the abundance of orders were made to keep things running smooth.

Through their love of creating fun, healthy options for their families, Beth and Ashley have shared the idea with people all over the area, helping to make meal or snack time a little easier and nutrient-rich for many more.

“We love the messages/texts/shoutouts of how people are enjoying the smoothies and bowls — getting in nutrients that they want and how their kids love the flavors without even knowing they’re healthy,” the women said.

To check out The Blended Boost, visit their Facebook or Instagram page. There a Google form is linked with product information along with delivery dates.

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