September 22, 2021

Yoga at the park

Vital Nutrition hosts Yoga in the Park in Monroe

Spending the morning stretching, learning and relaxing outside, Yoga in the Park in Monroe had a great turnout for its first event June 27. Led by Keslea West, the hour-long event at the Monroe square also featured products from Vital Nutrition.

“Yoga in the Park is a fun way to move your body, get some stretching in and enjoy the great outdoors,” Nicole Bandstra of Vital Nutrition said. “Vital Nutrition plans on collaborating with many individuals who are wanting to bring healthy, active and restorative events to the community and surrounding communities.”

Yoga mats were spread across the park as West led the movements that flowed one into another during the session. Although the weather brought some humidity, a slight breeze blew through the park and the trees brought welcome shade throughout the morning.

As a lover of yoga and the many benefits it offers to people, Bandstra thought it would be great to bring this event to the community. By adding her tea bomb drinks at the end of the session, she hoped to give the perfect “pick-me-up” to take on the afternoon. Available in Rockin’ Rainbow and Beach Baby, the tea bombs came with the $12 fee.

“I’m hoping it benefits the community by bringing more awareness to our overall health and self-care. Yoga is such a great way to connect to your body, stretch and relax. It’s very rejuvenating,” Bandstra said. “The teas are sugar-free and only five carbs. They’re an excellent source of antioxidants, stimulate your metabolism and taste great.”

Bandstra plans to host more events with her tea bombs and meal replacement shakes she offers through Vital Nutrition in conjunction with some type of physical activity.

“We want to keep this community engaged and moving,” Bandstra said.