June 20, 2021

To the residents of the Prairie City community

The American Legion Booth DeVries Post 0275 of Prairie City would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to anyone and everybody who had any part in making the Memorial Day observance the huge success it was. This includes anything from putting up and/or taking down the flags, large pole flags and individual grave marker flags, organizing the program, being a participant in the program, use of equipment during the program, as well as all individuals who attended the Memorial Day observance. Without volunteers and people of the community, (we had both) who realize what Memorial Day is all about, this day could very easily become just another holiday to be spent camping, fishing, catching up on lost sleep and other reasons (excuses) for not honoring and respecting Memorial Day as it should be. Let’s not let this happen in our community.

Thank you again to all who participated in any way in the Memorial Day observance.

We, the Prairie City American Legion have and do take pride in having a grave marker flag holder for every Veteran interred in Waveland Cemetery. However, there are many reasons why a burial site could be missed when putting out the grave markers. If you know of or see a gravesite of a deceased Veteran who does not have a grave marker flag holder, please contact us at American Legion, Box #42, Prairie City.

The American Legion Booth DeVries Post 0275 of Prairie City would also like to encourage any Veteran, family of Veteran, friend of Veteran or anyone who would like to see a Veteran’s name engraved in a brick in the Veterans Memorial in the City Park, to contact the Prairie City Lions Club, P. O. Box #76, Prairie City or the Prairie City City Hall for a “Veterans Memorial Brick Order Form.”

American Legion Booth DeVries Post #0275

Gene Vande Lune

Prairie City