July 12, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Impeccable logic

Letter to the Editor

One must give credit where credit is due. Our senator, Joni Ernst, has proclaimed she will oppose judicial nominees, spending bills, and other legislation introduced by democrats in protest over the conviction of Donald Trump in the state court of New York. The logic is impeccable. A jury of 12 people in New York will now determine how our Iowa senator votes on appointments and legislation.

I personally would never have considered the connection between how our Iowa senator votes in Congress and the finding beyond a reasonable doubt of 12 people sitting in a courtroom in New York City. One must applaud our senator for finding a connection and reacting so appropriately. This is why we elect the people we do — the ability to find cause and effect in such arcane matters.

She apparently is not alone in this reasoning process. It is unclear whether she thought of this connection herself or another senator who has endorsed this reaction is responsible. These include J. D. Vance of Ohio, Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, Eric Schmitt of Missouri, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Rick Scott of Florida, Roger Marshall of Kansas, Marco Rubio of Florida, Josh Hawley of Missouri, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. I am unaware of any of our representatives reaching the same conclusion, but surely there must be some.

Regardless of whether Sen. Ernst came up with this logical process, or another senator is responsible, we must give credit where credit is due. Even if she is not the senator responsible for finding the logic in this situation, Sen. Ernst has the ability to understand it and act accordingly and our appreciation is justly appropriate. Many are not as astute as our senator and that is truly unfortunate. The people we elect to represent us in Congress, especially the United States Senate where a mere 100 people determine the laws of this country and how we are seen around the world, is extremely important.

Sen. Ernst has announced that she will run for re-election in 2026 and such pronouncements as this will surely matter in that election. It can only be of immense value for the public to know of the ability of our senator to find and act upon situations with such uncanny ability to see connections which many of us have failed to see.

Richard E. H. Phelps II