July 12, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Make our voices heard

I, like most others in the area, was shocked and angered by the news that we were losing yet another source of local news, and that those who worked hard to bring us that news had been fired. Newton needs our local radio the same way we need our YMCA and local library. All serve a community need. I know nothing about this Alpha Media Group who are responsible for this action, but I do know that money talks and it’s time we all used the power of our voices to show these new owners they have made a terrible mistake. I have reprogrammed the radio tuner in my car to delete the Newton station that I had preset and would encourage all others to do the same. No listeners means no ratings, and advertisers will not spend money to advertise with a station that has no listeners. Tell any businesses that advertise with this group that you no longer listen to these stations.

Maybe when these new owners realize no one is listening any longer, they might decide to cut their losses and sell back the stations to a local investment group who can then restore a great source of local news, community activities, and sports coverage.

How about it, this is our chance to channel our outrage into action. Let’s come together to make our voices heard and keep our precious dollars from those who advertise with these stations.

John Moore