May 21, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Traffic cameras and the cloth

So I see that our state representative Jon Dunwell has studied at the Brad Zaun school of traffic enforcement. In Dunwell’s latest newsletter in the paper, he goes on about traffic speed cameras showing up in more municipalities and how they need to be regulated. Surprisingly enough, I actually agree with Dunwell on the matter of regulation. I think that the stipulations in the bill HF 2681 are reasonable and just. While Dunwell grudgingly points out that the arguments about speed cameras being necessary to increase public safety may be true “in some cases,” he then feels the need to qualify that statement with an unfounded attack on some municipalities by claiming they are “using these cameras merely to raise revenue.” Um, what?

That’s the part I have issues with. Does Dunwell understand how these cameras work? Has Dunwell talked to law enforcement officers and sought their advice that comes from training and experience? Does Dunwell think these cameras are just sending out speeding tickets to random drivers like some kind of reverse lottery? As I’ve pointed out before, these cameras are only activated when a driver is speeding at least 10 miles over the limit. And how can anyone argue dangerous drivers should just be ignored? I suppose we could instead of cameras, put actual officers in all these areas to put fear into irresponsible drivers and make them pay for their transgressions, but would Dunwell be okay with the massive tax increases needed to pay for that?

How about Jon Dunwell side with the laws and stop coddling those who put everyone’s lives in danger by arrogantly ignoring traffic safety laws? As a man of the cloth, would that be the righteous thing to do?

John Moore