April 22, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Does our country have two sets of laws?

It is now well apparent that there are two sets of laws in this country – NO LAWS for Liberal Democrats Politicians and their supporters, but there are Laws for Conservative Politicians and their supporters. The entire Justice Department has been manipulated by the DNC and probably Soros to attack and destroy all conservative supporters and Politicians that oppose Liberal Democrats and incoherent Joe Biden.

George Floyd Riots - Damage Done $1 to $2 billion – Looting and arson of Public, Private, and Government Buildings – Between 18 to 25 people KILLED – more than 17,000 Arrested and RELEASED – 95 percent of cases were DROPPED - 10 received jail or prison time – two given sentence of up five years.

January 6th Demonstration (not an Insurrection – there were no weapons or intent) – one person killed by Capital Police - Ashli Babbitt Air Force Veteran, unarmed mother, sister, wife, patriot - damage done $2.8 million – 1,200 Convictions of conservative supporters – 460 Conservative American Patriots Incarcerated in Federal Prisons up to 18 to 20 years – hundreds more were given probation.

Biden has Illegal Classified Documents from when he was in the Senate, Vice President, and now President, but that is OK – he did nothing wrong to have charges brought or a trial. Biden is an old man with diminished capacity it’s OK for him to have those documents. But not Donald Trump, Left leaning attorneys and prosecutors find a way to reinvent the Law or the interpretation of the Law and go after him – He is a Political Opponent of the Democrat President and party so we need to imprison him so he can’t run against our Great One Joe Biden. Is that Justice for All?

If you cannot see what is happening to this country, I feel sorry for you – you have been watching, reading, and believing the propaganda news media brought to you by the liberal left and their paid liberal comrade reporters and investigators. The United States is being Socialized in front of your eyes – slowly to start with in the 60s and 70s but highly accelerated during the Clinton and OBAMA reign and now under Biden.

As you prepare to vote for the future of this United States of America, please vote for your Grandchildren and their Grandchildren. Your vote will determine the type of country this United States will be for them.

Dave Lureman, Patriot