April 22, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Poop snitchers

Well, we don’t like snitchers — unless they are snitching drug dealers of course. But poop snitchers, now, is serious business and we don’t much care for it. Our legislature, known for its robust support of our farmers (which includes livestock for those not in the know) are concerned about anonymous snitchers in particular. If you are going to call the DNR and complain that you can’t sit on your porch on a summer evening because of the smells of pig or cow poop, your name should be broadcast publicly for righteous recrimination from those causing the complaints.

It’s only fair. The article from the Capital City Dispatch discussing the matter indicates that the “vast majority” of those anonymous complaints lead to some type of corrective action. I can think of no better reason in discouraging such complaints. With fewer complaints there will be fewer corrective actions which is the obvious goal of livestock producers and hence the legislature. We want fewer corrective actions by the DNR, not more. And if your neighbor now hates you for being a snitch; well that’s just the price you’re going to have to pay for being a snitch.

It might actually be something that requires a little more thought however — unfortunately a quality not often found in our legislature. It’s been several years now that non-farm rural homes exceed farm homes. These are people who spend a great deal of money building homes and outbuildings and sometimes ponds to enjoy a rural setting and to get away from the hubbub of the city only to be assaulted by the aroma of poop — sometimes to an extent that makes their property non-saleable which really makes them mad and understandably so.

So, before we get overwrought about poop snitchers, let’s count the votes. I can drive from Mingo, through Ira, then through Baxter, and over to Newton and I will see maybe one hog confinement and a few cows but a considerable number of houses with garages, and vehicles in the driveways, and a few outbuildings sans livestock. These are the people who don’t really care for the smell of poop in the morning with their coffee. It is clear from just a drive that rural residents without cows or pigs or chickens or turkeys for that matter, far outnumber those with them.

So, a cautionary note is in order. If you are an elected official you may want to reconsider any outrage you have against poop snitchers and count the votes.

Richard E. H. Phelps II