July 24, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Just work together

Now that the circus we call the Iowa Caucus has packed up and left the area, I got to thinking about what politics is really about. Is it about two differing opinions coming together to recognize the issues that everyday citizens face in their daily lives and work to overcome their differences to solve those issues? Or is politics just about finding fault with the “other side” in order to get people to vote for you?

I was reading the latest column from Jon Dunwell and it occured to me that the latter is more true. Dunwell used many words to praise the Governor’s budget. Which is to be expected, I suppose. But I have no doubt that if we had a Democrat as our governor, Dunwell would be using his words to condemn and criticize everything in that budget. Even if the goals were exactly the same.

It seems that our politicians are more interested in turning everyone against the other side than they are working to improve lives for everyone across the state and country.

Maybe if our elected leaders began with the assumption that both sides want the same thing for the people and focused on what they agreed upon, and then worked on coming together on whatever differences they may have, things might actually get done in government.

But as long as both sides just snipe at each other and automatically come out against anything their other side puts forth, nothing will get done and we’ll just remain in an endless loop of finger-pointing, name-calling, and childish stubborn refusals to work together on anything.

I just can’t wait until next caucus season. How about you?

John Moore