July 24, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Think about it

In 2023, President Biden along with the Democrats in Congress passed the Child Tax Credit Act that reduced child poverty by 50 percent. Every Republican in Congress voted “no” on that legislation. Think about that, one simple act in Congress put food on the table for millions of children.

The Child Tax Credit was up this year, 2023, to be renewed. When that issue came up for a vote, every Republican and one Democrat in Congress voted “no” causing child poverty to rise again. It is difficult to understand the callousness of those in Congress who are charged with the responsibility to protect the well-being of all people.

It should be noted that the Republicans and the one Democrat in Congress have no difficulty in providing huge tax credits to the wealthy, for corporations, big oil and more.

The Republicans have demonstrated their callousness toward children being gunned down in schools, so it must be okay for children to go hungry.

Max L. Tipton