December 04, 2023

Letter to the Editor: Is Socialism coming to Jasper County?

I was appalled at the Newton News article, Tuesday, Sept. 12 paper regarding “Implementation of Iowa’s education reform has teachers on edge.”

Just two violations can cost superintendents and teachers their licenses.

Who in this world laid awake at night, dreaming up this outrageous plan?

Several weeks ago, my nephew brought his family here for a visit, from out of state. They were forced to leave California because socialism has taken over the schools, stripping parents of their parental rights. I know of two other families personally who have left the state with their families for the same reason.

I have seen eight decades come and go and never dreamed I would see this happen. I always thought school was a security zone. Not anymore and I am extremely disappointed. My granddaughter is now attending college to become a schoolteacher. She has no idea what she is facing.

I recently heard of a local student whose parents talked to him/her about gender, sexual orientation, she/he went to school and told about this. The DHS was contacted at once and the child was not allowed to return to the parents. The DHS went into the home and removed the child’s clothing. Folks, this happened right here in Jasper County.

We need to all wake-up. Are you going to sit quietly by and let this happen in our county and our city of Newton?

This paper article has certainly taken the joy out of teaching. The teachers will be nervous every day that they will be under scrutiny. How many of our politicians are supporting Socialism? Socialism is starting in our schools as (they) twist the brains of our boys and girls. That’s only the beginning. Who will be next?

Macie Johnson