May 27, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Broke and woke

Recently, Senator Joni Ernst took a moment to step out from behind Mitch McConnell (her usual spot during his press briefings) to warn us about the danger of ESG funds. There is good reason to be skeptical of investing in ESG funds. Because they are relatively new, there is very little consistency in the assessments of ESG rating agencies. This makes it tricky to evaluate the ESG performance of companies, funds, and portfolios.

However, Senator Ernst chose to decry the dangers of ESGs mostly because they’re “woke.” This is evident because she used the word 6 times in her article, including in her headline. You see, “woke” is the new buzzword being bandied around by the GOP. Evidently “snowflake” has lost its zing so they’re throwing another term against the wall to see if it sticks.

If you’re for LGBTQ rights, don’t want to see books banned and are concerned about our environment, you’re “woke.” If you’d like to see corporations pay their fair share of taxes, police reform or women have the right to decisions over their own bodies, you’re “woke.”

Republicans are much better at coming up with nicknames than policy. So in spite of the negative connotation they so gleefully intend, I’ve decided to embrace this term. Because being “woke” sure beats being asleep.

Lisa Cunningham