February 27, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Stop whining

Can we just stop already? Stop pointing out everyone else’s faults before acknowledging and owning up to our own? At the national level there seems to be a serious problem in our government concerning the handling of classified documents. We have a former president and a sitting president who neither seem to have been very careful with our nation’s secrets. If you are loudly calling for Trump to be investigated and prosecuted over this, then you’d better be just as loudly calling for Biden to be prosecuted also. And if you are outraged and adamant that Biden needs to be prosecuted, then you’d better be just as convinced and vocal that Trump should also be prosecuted. You can’t ignore one and give a pass to the other. It’s what some have flippantly referred to as “derangement syndrome” and if it exists then it works both ways and both sides suffer from it.

Closer to home, we have the Red Rock Prairie Trail project that Rep. Miller-Meeks helped put into motion with a bill she sponsored that was included in the controversial omnibus package put forth by the Biden administration. This project is a great thing for our community and it’s good it passed.

But didn’t Miller-Meeks and her Republican counterparts speak out forcefully and vote against that omnibus bill, because in their minds it was full of pork and special projects? I guess Meeks is only against including “pork” when it comes from the other side. Her “pork” is okay.

It would be nice if our elected officials could stop whining about what the “other side” is doing while at the same time engaging in and making excuses for the same behavior. Can any elected official today defend their positions and actions based on their own merits without using the familiar childish whine, “but the other side did it, too!” Tissue, anyone?

Forget what the “other side” did. If you don’t like them doing it, then don’t do it yourself. And if you go ahead and do it anyway, then don’t blame anyone but yourself.

We are tired of hearing this nonsense from those in office and those who defend them.

It’s why most people intensely dislike politics and politicians. We just want them to stop acting like pouty toddlers and do their jobs without competing for the title of “America’s Worst Politician.”

Can anyone do that?

John Moore