November 27, 2022

Letter to the Editor: No bang for our taxpayer bucks

Our elections are over and the much-ballyhooed “red wave” did not happen.

Except here in Jasper County and Iowa, where it seems we only want one team on the field of play at a time.

Turns out the voters across the rest of the country were smarter than some of the candidates and didn’t fall for the trap set for them by the Trump foot soldiers.

Split-party tickets are always the best outcome of any election. It means the voters aren’t loyal to the team, only to the candidate.

Opposition, debate, argument, discussion and compromise are what have always worked best for democracy and that doesn’t happen when one party controls all government.

And Republicans are seeing that crazy doesn’t always translate into votes. It was novel and fun when Trump did it but that act has grown stale and people are ready for the adults to take back control.

Except here in Jasper County and our district. That’s too bad and it means we can expect just more of the same ... a lot of talking with no bang for our taxpayer bucks, no real economic development, and no real changes for the better.

But, I guess as long as that is what voters want, who can argue?

John Moore