November 27, 2022

Letter to the Editor: When Zehr chose the mantra ‘People Over Politics’ he meant it

In 2006, while a student at UNI, our daughter brought a young man home one weekend. Little did we know that several years later, he would become our son-in-law.

All these years later, we couldn’t have hoped for a better husband for our daughter, or father to our three grandsons. Erick Zehr is exactly as he seems. Honest, intelligent, athletic, industrious, well-spoken and sincere. He fits in well in whatever arena he finds himself. He participates and gets involved. He coaches the NHS girls’ tennis team. He sings in our church choir. He has been serving as a substitute teacher in several NCSD buildings. He started his own business.

Erick is exactly what I want in a candidate, what I expect in a candidate. When he chose the mantra “People Over Politics” he means it and he will perform in this manner. You can believe him.

I hope you will want what is best for our district and cast your important vote for the best candidate for House District 38 …. Erick Zehr.

Toni Peska