November 27, 2022

Letter to the Editor: It’s Biden’s fault

Once again the Republicans have the perfect opportunity to blame Biden; and just before the midterms too. It’s the drought. It has to be Biden’s fault; he has offended the rain gods and we need to get someone in there that will placate them.

It’s really very simple. If one follows the twitter feeds of Ernst, Grassley, and Feenstra, the problem is, of whatever nature, it can be laid at the feet of the Democrats. It’s much like a tent revival meeting: no one is there to be converted, only to be reinvigorated with the faith.

And it is Biden’s fault that the Mississippi is running dry and the corn and beans can’t be moved south like they are supposed to be moved. The people buying corn and beans from our Iowa farmers are stuck and if they are stuck, so are the farmers. The only thing left to do is to complain — and after prices had come back too. Can’t win for losing as they say and it’s got to be somebody’s fault and I say it’s Biden’s. Has to be, he is president.

So — we need to elect Republicans — they will fill the rivers with water and all will be well once again. The barges will be moving and money will be flowing. It takes one to get the other and if farmers are not getting paid for their corn and beans, then you know it is Biden’s fault. After all, isn’t he in charge of the money?

And if you can’t move the corn and beans, whatever it is they make from those substances is going to be really expensive and then it’s INFLATION and we know that’s Biden’s fault since our senators and congress people have been telling us that now for a year and a half.

It doesn’t matter if there is a war in Ukraine, most people don’t even know where Ukraine is nor that it grows a huge percentage of the world’s wheat. It simply doesn’t matter: it only matters how I am affected by prices of food, or even worse, its unavailability. I only care about me — this is the mantra of the revival. And if I am affected, it has to be Biden’s fault because Ernst, Grassley, and Feenstra wouldn’t lie about something like that. So get out there and vote. You need to support these people.

Richard E. H. Phelps II