September 30, 2022

Letter to the Editor: Who knows when small things will be helpful to others

This week has been an extraordinary one! I found out that the tinted lenses which I found on a YouTube in 2016, had gone all over the state.

After sustaining two brain injuries and a spinal cord in 2015 during a fall and a triple rollover car accident on Interstate 80 by the Ankeny mixmaster, I was having both migraines and cervical headaches. Decided to try the rose colored lenses which I had liked and were in style in the 1970s again. These did help the migraines to some extent but was hoping to find a better tint. Accidently, came upon a 2-minute video by Dr. Bradley Katz of the Moran eye center.

There had been studies done in the UK during the 1990s in an orphanage on kids who had headaches. So I found the FL 41 tint this way. It actually has four shades of orange which vary from dark to light. One tint is a purplish rose but this tint didn’t work as well for me. After my eye doctor in Pella saw this, he contacted PECH optical labs in Sioux City. They were able to do them.

After having them done, I attended a group at Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa and showed the other members. Two others decided to get them. They were also happy with them! The orange tint softens the stark blue that fluorescent lights give off. This helps those who have light sensitivity and can prevent headaches. Also, shared this information at the vestibular group at Drake University which I attended for a while.

Found out last week, the FL 41 tint had found its way to the University of Iowa through Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa and was extremely excited! Who knew such a small thing would be helpful to others? I didn’t.

Sue Anderson