September 27, 2022

Letter: A job Dunwell

I have been a personal friend of Jon Dunwell for 10 years and counting. Jon has exemplified excellent character, morals and values. Always showing compassion and a listening ear even to those who oppose him. He is very generous to all who come to him for help.

Jon is a skilled counselor, teacher, trainer and pastor.

Jon makes wise decisions. He has fought to lower taxes, protected girls’ sports. Eliminated taxes on retirement income. Voted for a 3.9% flat tax and keeps government spending in line with Iowa’s priorities. Jon defends the unborn and is a 2nd amendment advocate, his work ethic is unmatched.

He takes no task lightly, he studies with diligence, I have never seen anyone work harder,

Jon is humble enough to admit his faults and yet stands strong for our values.

Jon’s presence at the state level is needed and appreciated.

Re-elect Jon Dunwell, Iowa House of Representatives.

Doug Cupples