December 01, 2023

It’s an outrage

I have recently read that the Cracker Barrel introduced a veggie sausage and its patrons were outraged that they would do that. Unbelievable they said, “It destroys all my faith in the franchise.” Well, once again we have outrage over nothing. The fact that Cracker Barrel now has veggie sausage does not affect me in the least. This is for two reasons, one, I don’t eat at Cracker Barrel unless forced to, and second, I would not eat a veggie sausage knowingly. Now this doesn’t mean I hate Cracker Barrel. There is nothing in Cracker Barrel that I want to buy once eating and I can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a hundred different places. But I don’t hate Cracker Barrel; I don’t understand how you can hate a restaurant.

It is amusing however. These are the same people who don’t want you to have an abortion or declare yourself as gay, trans, or whatever idea of a human you want to identify as. Outrage is a necessary part of their existence; without it they are not complete. They must either hate something or otherwise make other people miserable; it’s part of their DNA. And I don’t think there is a cure. I am unaware of any hate doctors or other licensed ameliorators. So what is the answer? I don’t have one.

But I do approve of this nastiness being directed at Cracker Barrel. It gives others, who normally received the attention, a break from having to justify their existence to a bunch of people who have nothing better to do than annoy other people. It must be some sort of unidentified ailment, this necessity to make other people miserable. And it’s contagious. Once it starts, it spreads; it can easily become a pandemic. Iowa’s legislature is the perfect example.

They have spent the last two legislative sessions, successfully I might add, in making life miserable for a whole bunch of Iowans. And it is only because of this contagion of outrage over things that do not concern them personally. Unbelievable but true. Once again, I see very little cure for this; it just keeps on spreading and those affected by the ailment never seem to get the cure.

Richard E H Phelps II