September 24, 2023

Let’s find another one

When I say let’s find another one, I’m talking about another issue we can all get exercised about, preferably one that doesn’t affect the people who will get exercised about it. Now we have abortion as one of those issues, but I can see that this will slowly subside once everyone realizes that people who want an abortion will get one. After all, Texas was a first to outsource abortion to Mexico like we did meth and car parts. For all those who think we should not be sending business to foreign countries, we sure spend a lot of time doing it. But, that’s because we get exercised about it.

I’m trying my best to find something we can get everyone worked about now. I know that those who have married people of the same sex, are intending on marrying someone of the same sex, or are even remotely contemplating marrying someone of their own sex are now concerned that they will be the next thing people get exercised about. This is so because Mary and Dixie getting married has no effect on those who object to it. This is the criteria of getting exercised about something. We only get exercised about things that don’t concern us.

We have a long history in this country of minding other people’s business. This is a result of most people not having enough to do. The average American has the time and money to think about things that other people shouldn’t be doing. This gives them the idea that they are being socially aware and making a difference. I will say it is better than the option of mass shooter, but it does become really annoying to those who do mind their own business and want to be left alone. But this is not to be. We can’t help ourselves.

Richard E. H. Phelps II