June 27, 2022

What are Iowa’s standards?

They say what you don’t know won’t hurt you, but, I believe what many Iowans don’t know has.

Grassley was given an “F” by the Conservative Review Scorecard which assigns a liberty score to legislators based on voting record and kept or broken campaign promises. Grassley voted to pass Biden’s huge spending bill, defund the border wall, support COVID tyranny, and confirmed disastrous cabinet picks of Antony Blinken and Merrick Garland.

Someone who has been in Washington as long as Chuck Grassley has that much deeper financial ties and purchased loyalties. According to an article in The Iowa Standard, Grassley donated over half a million dollars to Iowa House Republicans suspiciously close to when they would vote in his grandson’s election for House Speaker. Swamp politics may be normal in Washington, but I for one do not want it here!

WE NEED CHANGE — State Senator Jim Carlin is a man of faith, husband, lawyer, father, grandfather, and veteran. The pillar of his campaign is protecting and defending freedom for future generations. He is running on an America first agenda and has a proven track record in the state legislature of doing what it takes to get things done.

Carlin is both unwavering in his pro-life stance and a champion of medical freedom. He has authored bills relating to education which created an education savings account to give students in low performing schools an alternative. He has also authored legislation which garnered unanimous support in the senate, including creating a task force to address sex trafficking.

During his time in the Iowa State House and State Senate, Carlin has received many awards for representing Iowa’s needs.

We need that kind of representation in Washington. Visit carlinforussenate.com for more information.

VOTE for Senator Jim Carlin for U.S Senate in the June 7th Primary!

Anita Fischer