August 19, 2022

‘A slope we would all be willing to slide down’


I was happy to see the Jasper County board of supervisors voted in favor of a much needed wage increase for two cooks at the county’s elderly nutrition program.

I was however very disappointed to see that one Grinch on the board decided to try and stop Christmas from coming and voted no. His reasoning: “If we give these cooks a raise, what’s to stop others from wanting one as well? This could easily turn into a slippery slope.”

A “slippery slope” of people wanting to improve their situation? I say that’s a slope we would all be willing to slide down!

When people make more money, they spend more money in our community. How again is this a bad thing? Instead of wanting to improve everyone’s lives, this supervisor seems to want everyone to have the same low quality of life as their neighbors. If one suffers, we all must suffer? Just like Scrooge said, “Are there no workhouses, no prisons?”

Didn’t the director of the program say she couldn’t find quality help at the low wages offered? Is this supervisor so heartless he would deny these two cooks a few measly dollars an hour, and maybe help this valuable program and our senior citizens in the process?

So what if others see this and think maybe they should also be paid more? Does this supervisor really think they don’t deserve it? Thanks to the two board members who followed their hearts and rejected the “bah humbug” attitude of their co-member.

Our community and our senior citizens are indeed thankful.

Merry Christmas and God bless us everyone!

John Moore