December 09, 2021

‘You really let us all down’

I really thought we’d do better this time around. I really believed that the citizens of Newton and Jasper County would finally walk the walk and we’d see a huge turnout for this election. Maybe even 60 percent or more! How naive I was!

Instead, what happened was that a lousy 18 percent of registered voters could be bothered enough to put down the TV remotes, exit their social media accounts and get up off their sofas for 20 minutes to cast a ballot.

Eighteen percent turnout for our city and school board elections. That is truly sad. Less than 1 in 5 voters here cared enough about how our city and schools will be run to make their voices heard. What this turnout tells me is that it wasn’t the voices of those who voted that mattered, it is the silent voices of those who didn’t vote who speak the loudest here.

The one who didn’t bother to vote, which turns out is the vast majority of residents here, told everyone that what happens in Newton and Jasper County doesn’t matter to most folks here. That most people here couldn’t care less about our schools and their own kids’ education.

I’m glad that those who won their races are excited and hope they represent us well. But I can’t say their victories mean too much when most registered voters told everyone they couldn’t care less who won.

We have a city and school system that is run by the extreme minority.

We have a populace that talks the talk, especially on Facebook and in comments sections but refuses to walk the walk.

People of Newton and Jasper County, you really let us all down this time.

How disappointing.

John Moore