October 26, 2021

Supporting Steven Mullan

I am supporting Steve Mullan for Iowa House District 29.

Steve has lived in Newton and Jasper County since 1967. During this time he taught in the Newton Community School System for 30 years at Central Junior High and NHS. He taught seven years at Waukon High School prior to coming to Newton. Newton citizens elected him four times to represent them on Newton’s City Council. Both of these life experiences give him valuable insight into how state government affects our public school systems and cities and counties.

As a member of city council, Steve has worked on budgets and understands the complexities of developing a budget that meets the needs of the citizens with the dollars available. He was a member of city council when our city and county experienced the loss of the Maytag Company and has worked to bring good jobs back to Newton for the citizens of Jasper County.

Upon retiring as a public school educator, Steve and his wife, Mary, established a small business and continue to operate that business today.

He has been an active volunteer in our community serving on many committees that have benefited our community; one of those being the committee that raised funds for the hike and bike trail. He is past president of the Newton Community Education Association. He and his wife, Mary, have volunteered in 16 Road Scholar programs across the United States. He is active in his church and has served in many capacities there.

The issues important to Steve are, also, important to me and I believe the citizens of Jasper County. They include adequately funding state parks, convenient access for mental health care and adequate funding for the mental health system, raising the minimum wage, restoring collective bargaining for public employees, supporting public schools, and investing in apprenticeship programs.

These real-life experiences, a public school educator, city council representative, small business owner and volunteer, give Steve the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running at the Iowa Statehouse. He believes in consensus building and will work hard for the citizens of Jasper County. This is why I am supporting Steve Mullan for Iowa House District 29.

Fran Henderson