October 18, 2021

Newton’s finest deserve my thanks

Approximately 3 months ago, I was diagnosed with a rare incurable disease that only one in one million gets. It’s painful, debilitating and eventually mangles the body requiring full-time care.

I didn’t want to suffer or put that burden on my family. So a week and a half ago, I made the decision to commit suicide by overdosing on my medication.

My wife went to work unaware of my plans. I went through with it. Took the meds and went to sleep hoping to never wake again.

The next evening, I awoke in the hospital. I was briefly discouraged that my plan had failed. Through hours of introspection lying in a hospital bed ... it dawned on me. Evidently, my time had not come. It wasn’t my decision. There must be more for me to do.

So ... I’ll start here ... I later found out from my wife that she found me nearly dead and immediately called for help. Newton’s rescue team and police department were called on the scene. Within minutes they had arrived and began to do what they do best ... save lives and protect and serve.

In an age where these men and women are constantly under scrutiny, I felt it incumbent to set it straight. I am grateful they came. I am grateful they saved my life. I wish to spend what time I have left making the most of my life.

So ... I’ll start here. To those who came and saved me ... to those who kept my wife comfortable and reassured ... thank you. Newton is fortunate to have such heroes who ask for nothing more than a chance to make our town better. Thank a civil servant and let them know they matter. They do to me for sure.

For others who have felt like I did in those dark moments ... just know how much you matter ... even when it doesn’t feel that way. I now realize that as strangers entered my house ... saved my life and gave me a second chance ... I DO matter ... and so do you. Be well.

Braden Daniels