October 26, 2021

Proponent of cameras

There’s plenty of evidence that red light and speed cameras reduce crashes and fatalities. Check into www.iihs.org. Get “Status Report 1 Feb. 2011. Red-light running kills.” Citizens should “want such cameras set up on all roads and highways everywhere.” The roads are “public” (not private) areas. Most red-light runners and speeders kill others, so it’s not a “nanny law” to have enforcement and penalty on them.

Opponents of such cameras rant and rave about big brother watching and see themselves as victims and their outrage gets broadcast on the internet and magnified by the news media and channeled into efforts to ban such cameras. They have no concern for the victims of such crashes.

What is the ratio of on-duty law enforcement personnel per number of drivers? It may be one per 10,000. Regular law enforcement cannot handle the great number of drivers and it creates another hazard for an officer to chase a violator in heavy traffic.

There should not have to be any warnings or notices as to where such cameras are set up at. Every vehicle has a speedometer and drivers should be paying attention and NOT be texting or talking on their phones.

I’m all for freedom. But freedom does not include the right to run over other lives. Drivers who speed or run red lights or text or talk on their phones endanger and kill others.

Herman Lenz