April 17, 2021

For your consideration, Mr. President

I’ve been reading and viewing the changes in Washington since Joe Biden took over from Donald Trump. The polarity is amazing! Trump was hyper-conservative and Biden is the new leader of the progressive movement. Almost immediately after President number 46 was sworn in he sat down to a virtual pile of executive orders aimed at changing the legislative and governing atmosphere, from the previous four years. I’m sure he had a tired wrist that first day in office. That scene in the news was somewhat unsettling. Slow down Mr. President and enlist pragmatic ideas from the complete congressional legislature and work with them. In 2021 we face a year of uncertainty. Biden could strengthen a feeling of confidence in his leadership if we know he is respecting and utilizing the ideas of conservatives as well.

In general terms, Biden’s governing vision is relatively well accepted. If there was ever a time in our country’s history to apply solid strategic planning that will actually work towards fixing widespread economic damage, it is now. The $1.9 trillion-dollar coronavirus relief bill with a $15 minimum wage for full-time workers and the $1,400 stimulus checks is just a start and a good one. It’s only a small band-aid that only gets us out of the starting blocks in a very important sprint to fix everything. Wall Street Journal states that recently job losses in 2020 were the worst since 1939. What got us out of that situation was WWII; with America’s massive industrial wartime job explosion. We need that same effort again. WPA (Works Progress Administration) was established under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” in 1935. Its aim provided paid jobs for 8.5 million unemployed Americans and restored the US economy to pre-depression levels. Hopefully, Biden can revive the great pre-coronavirus economy that was built by President Trump.

For your consideration, a few directions Mr. President. End unnecessary advanced tech weapons sales to foreign countries. America’s super fighter jets, the Lockheed F-35 is proposed in sales to Euro and Mideast forces. Turn that around to exclusively building up airpower only here, for the U.S. Air Force and Space Force. Use former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, our new Secretary of Agriculture and past farmer himself, to lift rural America. Direct Vilsack to expand regenerative agriculture, increase wind energy tax credits, anti-drought research, arm the science of agriculture to battle climate change — and as I believe in my long career in infrastructure land surveying civil engineering — massive airable land increases for corn production to feed the world. Expand worldwide markets for America’s farm products. Refurbish our nation’s interstate road system and compliment it with genuine high-speed rail on bridging to preserve ground level for increased freight rail. President Biden, be transformative with practical vision for American citizens, be moderate politically and curb the relentless ambition of the far-left chasing utopia.

Mr. Biden, you can take walks around the White House grounds daily, as President Truman did. Invite U.S. Senators and Representatives to follow along with you. Lead the gang showing leadership, strength, stature, admiration and presence.

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