July 12, 2024

Special election results in for Baxter City Council seats

Council make up to change following election results

Baxter Special Election

With a 30 percent voter turnout, the citizens of Baxter have seemingly elected two city council members. Dalton Kinzel and Joel Schabilion earned the most votes in the special election held July 9.

According to unofficial results from the Jasper County Auditor’s Office, out of the 229 ballots cast with each voter selecting two of the candidates, Kinzel was the top vote at 188 votes or 43.42 percent. Schabilion came in next at 154 votes or 35.57 percent. The third candidate, Michael Churchill, received 87 votes or 20.09 percent.

Kinzel will remain in the seat he has filled since being appointed in January. Schabilion will take over the council seat from Churchill who was appointed in May. The seat was vacated at that time by former council member Josh Meckley.

The special election took place following a successful petition from Baxter residents following Meckley’s departure. The council had decided to fill the seat by appointment.

According to Iowa Code, a petition can be made to hold a special election to fill the seat and one was presented within the timeframe needed. Because another seat on the Baxter City Council was filled by appointment earlier in the year it was also put on the ballot on July 9.